Edusante Magnetic Number Set
Great for role play! The Edusante Magnetic Sets are designed for the ES series of trikes and bikes. The magnetic signs are easy to attach, simply line up with the front plate of the trikes.
Product Details
Item No.EM5530
Product Weight0.25 KG
Package SizeL16 x W16 x H1 (cm)
Package Weight0.28 KG
Product Feature
The Magnetic Number Set is perfect for children to develop number recognition for the numbers 1-6.
  1. Magnetic design enables children to attach or remove easily.
  2. Magnetic Signs can also be attached on metal or other magnetic surfaces.
Play Value
  1. Magnetic Number Set helps children learn about numbers and solve basic math problems.
  2. Placing pieces of magnetic signs on various surfaces enhances children’s hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills.
  • Dimension: 15 × 15 × 0.05 cm / piece  ( L × W × H )
  • Component: Magnetic Sign × 6  ( Number 1 to 6 )
  • Materials include: Magnet
  • Country of origin: Taiwan