Motor Skills Development
Children pick up their first motor skills through basic exercise, i.e. crawling, walking, running, and jumping. It is an indispensable process in every child’s growth. Children with well developed muscular and skeletal systems will be able to interact more effectively with their peers and the environment.
Tactile Perception
The sense of touch is the fundamental element of sensory reactions. It is an essential ingredient for enhancing learning ability and emotional intelligence.
Balance Co-ordination   
The development of the cerebral cortex is crucial to children’s motor coordination and learning ability. This series of auxiliary aids provides exercises that enhance children’s sense of balance and coordination whilst giving them endless fun!
Creative Play Interaction
Developments in spatial concepts and creativity as well as peer interaction are crucial for children.
Here at Weplay, we strive to create playful and educational toys that promote self-confidence in young children through construction, imagination, creative displays and teamwork.
Fine Motor Skill Improvement
Fine Motor Skills refers to the control of finger dexterity and movements partners hand-eye coordination and brain integration. The technique and control of hand muscles (flick, grip, grasp, press and pinch) can be developed and strengthened through games and fun activities. Developing these skills through play provides the solid foundation for children to perform everyday skills such as holding pencils and using spoons and forks.