Stack n' Stack
Stack n’ Stack consists of colorful panels. The panels can be assembled into a cube or prism and built into a larger construction. Children develop spatial concepts and creativity throughout the gameplay. It is easily for storage when disassembled.
Product Details
Item No.KC0003
Product Weight10 KG
Package SizeL41 x W41 x H37.5 (cm)
Package Weight11 KG
Product Feature
  1. Stack n' Stack is a colorful and large-scale building blocks.
  2. The Panels are assembled to create the building blocks. Each panel is stackable for cost-efficient shipping and minimal storage.
  3. The panels can be assembled into cubes or prisms.
  4. Four openers are included for disassembling.
Play Value
  • The product offers 3D activities and fun building experiences.
  • The spatial concepts and artistic creativity are developed through constructing the blocks.
  • Children can explore their physical potential, especially fine motor skills when assembling the blocks.
  • Enhance children' s active planning abilities and social skills through teamwork.
  • Components: Panel x 68, Opener x 4 ​
  • Materials include: High-quality Plastic
  • Country of origin: Taiwan