Weplay Q-blocks (32 pcs)
Weplay Q-Blocks offers infinite possibilities for creations with its natural color blocks. Made with non-toxic and soft material, it is lightweight and safe. When building up the large-scale construction, children develop body strength by standing up, squatting down or stretching.
Product Details
Item No.KC0004-032
Product Weight4.3 KG
Package SizeL43 x W22 x H33 (cm)
Package Weight4.8 KG
Product Feature
  1. High quality and non-toxic plastic material bring safety and fun to young children.
  2. Safe and light-weight material reduces noises when the block dropped on the floor.
  3. Simple geometric shaped bricks can create unlimited constructions and designs.
  4. Easy to grasp and build with. While building large-scale constructions, young children can develop their physical movement by squatting, standing up and stretching their bodies.
Play Value
  1. Develop imagination and creativity.
  2. Improve hand-eye coordination and movement development.
  3. Provide visual and spatial concept.
  4. Improve social skills via learning to work and interact with peers.
  • Components: 32pcs / set
  • Materials include: High-grade Synthetic Rubber
  • Country of origin: Taiwan