4cm Softwood Blocks (68 pcs)
Designed with the look of real wood, Softwood Blocks are made of high-grade EVA material. They are light, soft and durable. Imagination is engaged through infinite possibilities of creations. Hand-eye coordination and spatial awareness are involved during gameplay.
Product Details
Item No.KC2802-068
Product Weight1.3 KG
Package SizeL32 x W16 x H24 (cm)
Package Weight1.5 KG
Product Feature
This lightweight, soft and durable building blocks are made of high-grade EVA material with unique wood grain patterns to mimic real wood. Children can enhance their capability of structural understanding and imagination while playing.
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Basic (Level1-Level 3) Advenced (Level 4 - Level 5)
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Play Value
  1. Playing the Blocks helps to stimulate children’s creativity and imagination. 
  2. Enhance body movement coordination. 
  3. Children's spatial concept and shape recognition is promoted while children play the Softwood Blocks.
  4. Cultivate structural understanding and spatial concepts.
  5. Children’s gross motor skills and fine motor skills are improved by playing the blocks.
  6. Children’s stability of hand muscles is boosted during the playtime.
  7. Playing with others encourages teamwork and peer interaction.
  • Components: 68 pcs / set 
  • Material: High-grade EVA Foam
  • Country of origin: Taiwan