Weplay Icy Ice Building Set
Icy Ice Building Set comes with four colors of large and small blocks. The blocks can be interlocked with each other to create three-dimensional abstract or realistic designs. Children develop motor skills and hand-eye coordination with infinite design possibilities!
Product Details
Item No.KC0005
Product Weight4.3 KG
Package SizeL43 x W22 x H33 (cm)
Package Weight4.8 KG
Product Feature
  1. These high-quality, hollow and large plastic blocks create a visual three-dimensional stimulating platform for kids to play imaginatively with open-ended play.
  2. Small snowflake-shaped blocks with elaborate angle design offer infinite combinations.
  3. Assemble a small block into the center of a large block for more imaginative displays.
  4. These beautiful multi-sized blocks can be easily connected together, allowing for endless possibilities of free creation.
  5. Inter-locking design allows blocks to lock into place for easy and efficient storage.
Play Value
  1. Develop a sense of creativity, spatial awareness and visual thinking with thousands of constructive possibilities.
  2. Enhance hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills while building with the blocks.
  3. Encourage visual/spatial experiences with 2D and 3D constructions.
  4. Icy Ice Building Blocks allow children to build and explore through various combinations of imaginative play.
  • Components:
    • Icy Ice Blocks (L) x 28 (blue x 7, green x 7, orange x 7, white x 7)
    • Icy Ice Blocks (S) x 28 (blue x 7, green x 7, orange x 7, white x 7)
  • Dimensions:
    • Icy Ice Block (L) - Ø 22.5 cm, thickness 1.5 cm
    • Icy Ice Block (S) - Ø 10 cm, thickness 1.5 cm
  • Materials include: High-quality Plastic
  • Country of origin: Taiwan