Weplay Soft Gym (9 pcs)
Experience different games in varied spaces.
Product Details
Item No.KM2802-009
Maximum Load40 KG
Product Weight26 KG
Package SizeL124 x W62 x H87 (cm)
Package Weight34 KG
Second Package SizeL120 x W32 x H105 (cm)
Product Feature
Weplay Soft Gym is a basic motor skills training set for a flexible play experience. This set helps to improve young children’s balance and coordination. From basic body stretches to spatial awareness concepts, Soft Gym has everything needed to enhance and challenge children’s physical development.
Play Value
  1. Weplay Soft Gym Satisfies children's needs of physical activities.
  2. The movement coordination and balance ability is enhanced.
  3. It is a complete and comprehensive motor skill training set.
  • Components: 9 pcs / set
  • Materials include: Low Formamide Foam, Phthalates Free PVC Coating Fabric
  • Country of origin: Taiwan