Weplay Plan Your Step
Product Details
Item No.KM1001
Maximum Load60 KG
Product Weight5.8 KG
Package SizeL47.5 x W38.5 x H34 (cm)
Package Weight6.4 KG
Product Feature
  1. The unique concave surface design includes both narrow and wide sides to step over, which helps users improve coordination and balance.
  2. Each set contains 6 pieces. Users can freely rotate the Sloped Stones in different directions to enrich the configurations.
  3. The Weplay Plan Your Step can be arranged into multiple configurations. These formations are like rocky shore or the rough terrain of a mountain.
  4. The circular arc-shaped allows the Sloped Stones to fit neatly against each other or turn the piece to form gaps. This flexibility provides limitless options.
  5. The Sloped Stones can be stacked to create a path of varying height. It also makes storage easy.
  6. Each Sloped Stones is textured with anti-slip grips, which not only ensures safety but offers different tactile stimulation.
Play Value
  1. The Sloped Stone design offers various walking surfaces while boosting balance and coordination skills.
  2. Alternating the direction of Sloped Stones enables users to have more flexibility in maintaining their center of gravity.
  3. Assembling multiple Sloped Stones with different heights allows users to exercise their adaptive motor skills.
  4. Walking along the Sloped Stones strengthens and stabilizes lower body mobility.
  • Components:Sloped Stone× 6 ( green × 2, light green × 2, yellow × 2 )
  • Dimensions: 51.4 × 39.6 × 16.9 cm ( L×W×H )
  • Materials include: PP, TPR
  • Country of origin: Taiwan