Weplay Twister
Product Details
Item No.KT3001-003
Product Weight0.5 KG
Package SizeL15 x W7 x H17.5 (cm)
Package Weight0.52 KG
Product Feature
  1. Weplay Twister includes three levels of resistance in different colors.
  2. The tactile surface enhances the sense of touch.
Play Value
  1. By twisting Weplay Twister repeatedly, users could improve the flexibility of their wrist joints.
  2. Using Twisters as a massage tool against arms and shoulders could help to improve circulation and relieve stress.
  3. Users can stimulate their nervous system by pressing or grasping Weplay Twister. 
  • Components: Wepaly Twister × 3 ( yellow×1, green×1, blue×1 ) 
  • Dimension: Ø 15 cm, thickness 3 cm
  • Material: TPR 
  • Country of origin: Taiwan