Weplay Rocking Leaf Boat
Let’s begin the journey with Weplay Rocking Leaf Boat! With its Rocking Base and the Rotating Base, it provides various vestibular activities enhancing children's muscle strength and balance control. Children rock and rotate the board as if they were drifting in the water, rotating briskly with the whirlpool and rafting in turbulent flows.
Product Details
Item No.KP2006
Maximum Load80 KG
Product Weight4.8 KG
Package SizeL50.5 x W74.7 x H23.5 (cm)
Package Weight5.8 KG
Product Feature
  1. Toddlers can sit on Weplay Rocking Leaf Boat safely. It helps to soothe their emotions.
  2. With the two bases, Weplay Rocking Leaf Boat can be used as a rotating board, a seesaw or a wobbling board.
  3. The boat can be rotated briskly while the Rotating Base is assembled at the center of the bottom. It is fun for children to stand, sit or lie on it.
  4. The Rocking Base can be assembled at different positions to become interesting exercise equipment.
  5. Assembled on either side: The large tilting level provides children with muscular endurance practice.
  6. Assembled at the center: The increased rocking level challenges children’s balance control.
  7. The design of the two raised sides allows children to grip while they are sitting on the boat. It ensures safety and stability.
  8. The bottom of the bow and the stern are designed with grooved edges for gripping. This prevents children from finger-trapping while they are lying on the rocking boat.
Play Value
  1. Two designs of the bases provide vestibular stimulations such as rotating and multidirectional wobbling.
  2. Children learn to adjust the center of gravity when swaying or rotating the leaf boat.
  3. The concentration and muscle strength are promoted while children are walking or crawling across the rocking boat.
  4. Lying on the tilting boat promotes children’s upper back muscle tone and core muscle endurance.
  5. Weplay Rocking Leaf Boat features a lovely design and a wide range of playing options from gentle wobbling to swift tilting. This gradually promotes children’s adaptability and acceptance of vestibular activities.
  • Components:
    • Leaf Boat x 1
    • Rocking Base x 1
    • Rotating Base x 1
  • Dimension:
    • Leaf Boat - 73.3 × 49.5 × 21.6 cm (L x W x H)
    • Rotating Base - Ø 36.4 × 9.6 cm
    • Rocking Base - 30 × 28.1 × 13 cm (L x W x H)
  • Materials include: High-quality Plastic
  • Country of origin: Taiwan