Weplay Rocking Volcano (Misty Blue)
This little volcano is about to erupt! Let’s help to cool it off. Weplay Rocking Volcano has an arc-shaped bottom, which allows children to move and wobble while they maintain their body balance. This activity enhances children’s muscle strength and improves their balance and posture. Weplay Rocking Volcano is ideal for schools and home use.
Product Details
Item No.KE0011-00B
Maximum Load60 KG
Product Weight1.85 KG
Package SizeL38.2 x W38.2 x H32.5 (cm)
Package Weight2.7 KG
Product Feature
  1. Rocking Volcano is designed with the look of a volcano. It has an arc-shaped bottom, which allows for movements in all directions.
  2. Rocking Volcano transforms conventional sitting into a fun activity by providing an outlet for children to move around while remaining seated.
  3. Swinging and rotating the Rocking Volcano while maintaining body balance, helps children regulate emotions and build muscles.
  4. A comfortable and concave seat naturally guides children to a proper sitting position. The pattern on the surface encourages imaginative play.
  5. It is also suitable for adults! The movements help users loosen tight muscles from excessive sitting.
Play Value
  1. Continuously moving and sitting promote core strength and improve concentration.
  2. Spinning around while sitting on the Rocking Volcano encourages vestibular input and develops better balance.
  • Dimensions:
    • Bottom -  Ø 35.7 x 30 (H) cm
    • Top -  Ø 26.2 cm
  • Materials include: High-quality Plastic
  • Country of origin: Taiwan