We-Blocks (Gears)
Gears cultivate little engineers’ great capabilities for learning science through creative play, from 2D to 3D construction. Enhancing gross motor skills and sensory stimulation when moving, assembling, and dismantling. This set is filled with innovative design features; both small and large gears fit into holes on the panels, handles fit into both sizes of flowers, and while turning there are no pinch points. We-Block Series grows with the child, this series includes Tactile Cube, Reflector Cube, Construction Tower and Gears, all the sets in the series can connect to make all levels of creativity.
Product Details
Item No.KT1004
Product Weight9 KG
Package SizeL53 x W53 x H40 (cm)
Package Weight11 KG
Product Feature
  1. Both small and large gears fit into the holes on the panels.
  2. Handles fit into both small and large gears.
  3. The compatible design connects to other We-Block Sets.
Play Value
  1. Children will learn the concept of gear transmission by changing the speed, torque and direction of a power source.
  2. Creative play with no limit covering 2D and 3D constructions for little engineers to create and discover with this gear set.
  3. Enhance gross motor skills and sensory stimulation when moving, assembling and dismantling the gears.
  • Components: Total 14 pcs 
  • Materials include: High-quality Plastic
  • Country of origin: Taiwan