We-Blocks (Construction Tower)
Construction Tower consists of 4 different blocks and colors, including square windows, rectangular windows, triangular blocks, and solid blocks. This set not only cultivates children’s visual, spatial, and constructive abilities, but also promotes sensory integration while allowing creativity to flow. We-Block Series grows with the child, this series includes Tactile Cube, Reflector Cube, Construction Tower and Gears, all the sets in the series can connect to make all levels of creativity.
Product Details
Item No.KT1003
Product Weight6.5 KG
Package SizeL41 x W41 x H64 (cm)
Package Weight8 KG
Product Feature
  1. Consists of 4 different shapes and colors.
  2. Blocks designed with square window blocks (yellow), rectangular window blocks (blue), triangle blocks (yellow and red) and solid square blocks (green).
  3. Sturdy and lightweight.
Play Value
  1. Encourage children’s creative constructive abilities and promote sensory integration.
  2. Enhance children’s visual, spatial and observation abilities.
  3. Evoke children’s interest in exploring different shapes and spaces.
  4. Enhance children’s design ability.
  • Components: Total 12 pcs
  • Materials include: High-quality Plastic
  • Country of origin: Taiwan