Weplay Whally Board (Blue)
Rock, Balance, Stretch, and Play - Have fun with Weplay Whally Board! Inspired by the shape of a jumping fish, the surface is textured with waves and bubbles that stimulate the feet and hands. This balance board is ergonomically designed for children to sit in or stand on for a fun rocking game. The grooved edge on the back is designed to prevent finger trapping issues.
Product Details
Item No.KP1005-00B
Maximum Load60 KG
Product Weight1.5 KG
Package SizeL60.6 x W40.3 x H18.5 (cm)
Package Weight2 KG
Product Feature
  1. The Whally Board design was inspired by fish jumping up out of the water. Wave and bubble patterns on the textured surface stimulate the feet and hands while adding grip to protect kids from slipping.
  2. The balance board is designed to provide optimum comfort and to prevent stress or injury while children rock on it. The Whally Board is designed for children to either sit or stand on it when playing.
  3. The grooved edge of the back is designed to prevent finger trapping injuries.
  4. The 3D wavy design offers tactile sensations and auditory feedback while making the activity more challenging.
Play Value
  1. The top side of the Whally Board allows children to practice gross motor skills such as balance and coordination. It also promotes core strength.
  2. The 3D wavy base design engages tactile stimulation on feet and hands while playing.
  3. Rocking sideways or backwards and forwards provides sensory stimulation and encourages vestibular input.
  4. The Whally Boards can be used as a creative stepping route to help develop children’s adaptive motor and protective reaction skills.
  • Dimension: 62 x 39.5 x 17 cm (L x W x H)
  • Materials include: High-quality Plastic
  • Country of origin: Taiwan