Help Children Build Fine Motor Skills
Why Are Fine Motor Skills Important?
Going to send you kids to preschool? How’s their self-care skill? Can they eat with spoon/fork on their own? Can they open the water bottle by themselves? In fact, all of the movements just mentioned are related to children’s fine motor skills. In this case, how can we develop their fine motor skills?
Stacking is a great way to practice hand control. However, normal wooden blocks may be too dull to play with, and you may want to try something different.
How to Make Stacking Blocks Interesting?
Weplay Cookie Festival changes the blocks shape into gingerbread cookiemen. The cookiemen come in 4 different colors: apple green, cheese yellow, milky-white and pinky-red, for a total of 16 blocks, as well as a banana boat. The cutie design  is a great way to help to attract and keep children’s attention.
Ruffled Edge Design
The edge of most blocks is smooth. It may easily collapse if children accidently touch it. Meanwhile the cookiemen’s edge design is like ruffles, so that children can stack them very easily as well as providing tactile experiences for little hands.
Unlimited Stacking Fun
Normal blocks only can be stacked upwards, and they can be hard to stack horizontally in the air. At the same time, the cookiemen can be easily stacked simply by hand in hand. With cookiemen you can stack from 2D to 3D, horizontally to vertically, and even make a circle. The unlimited stacking fun can really help children enrich their creative thinking.
Fun with Sounds
Look! There is a box inside of the cookiemen! You can simply open the lids, and put various things into the cookiemen(e.g. red beans, pasta). Close them up, shake and listen! Now the cookiemen become sound blocks which can provide different sound stimulation.
Level Up
When you stuffed the cookiemen, which change the weight and make stacking more challengeable. You can put different materials to create 4 different weight categorized by colors to play with.
Also don’t forget the banana boat which can be used on both sides. Putting the banana boat as an arch bridge makes the game easier as it has notches to stack the cookiemen.
Put the boat as U-shape and the rocking base is a more challenging practice.