Host a Fun Egg Hunt Indoor
There are so many fun activities to do with students to celebrate the Easter holiday. One of the best ways to enjoy the spirit of the season is an Easter egg hunt. Today, we would like to share a new indoor activity to make this Easter party memorable. Are you ready? Let’s start our forest Egg Hunt!
※ Material
  • KF0013 Weplay Bean Pods*2
  • KF0015 Weplay Crystal Carnival*2
  • KP5001 Weplay Jungle Trial*1 
  • KM2016 Weplay Over The Mountain*1
  • KM3001 Weplay Forest Tunnel*1
Note: During the activity, let children remove their shoes and socks to get the tactile stimulation on their feet.
Tips: The indentations on the Wide and Narrow Boards of Weplay Over The Mountain are designed for climbing. They fit children’s hands and feet. This design helps children to climb safely. Adults can adjust the slopes based on children’s abilities and to provide multiple challenges.
※ Extensional Activities
Want a variation on these activities? See the following example. Take a few minutes and adjust the arrangement of the same Weplay products into the configuration below. The egg hunt will be more interesting!