STEAM Activities - Weplay Art Blocks

STEAM stands for Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics. It is a new educational approach to teach children creativity, problem solving skills, and critical thinking, as well as to develop math concepts and hand-eye coordination.

There are five different sets in Weplay Art Blocks and each set integrates visual arts, creative construction, fine motor skills development, and mathematical and logical concepts.

You can play a variety of STEAM activities with Weplay Art Blocks. Let’s show you some examples.
Rainbow Crystal is inspired by the colors of the rainbow, and they can help children with color recognition by playing with the transparent colored blocks.
Color Cognition Play ( Age: 1.5+)
There are four colors in Rainbow Crystal which include lively yellow, blue, green and red. Because of the transparent design, you can also play a mixing color game with kids.
Each side of the block has a pattern from part of a circle, either a solid quarter circle or a curve from half of a circle, etc. The color of Fun with Curves is based on sunflower’s yellow and sky blue which make kids more interested in. Children can also learn about math concept of fractions as well as  create endless interesting images from 2D to 3D. 
Shape Combination Play (Age: 2.5+)
Have children make different kinds of circle with these curves or solid patterns.
Inspired by the ever-changing ocean, this set of blocks incorporates the colors of the sky, sea water and clouds into simple geometric patterns of triangles and squares. Similar colors can enhance children's color recognition ability.
Creative Model Play (Age: 3+)
Due to the straight line elements, Ocean blocks can make a variety of creative images, even numbers and letters. Therefore, give children an opportunity to share their own story which is based on their works.
Using a transparent visual effect of a Glass Pyramid, and each block has a dual color cardstock placed diagonally inside, which creates unique visual perspectives. Pattern Cubes can help children to learn math concepts, such as parallel, symmetry and sequence. 
Sequence & Logic Play (Age: 4+)
Pattern Cubes can be arranged in different ways. Make a rule with these arrangements, let children inference what's the next.
Inspired by the green from sprouts and the purple from the lavender filed, the blocks  bring the beauty of nature into play.
3D Puzzle Play (Age: 5+)
Although there are only two different patterns in these blocks, the 3D puzzle play is the most challenging. Do you have better spatial concept and observation? Give it a try!
If you want to try more activities with different levels, there are a user’s guide and instruction cards in each set.