Giant and the Beanstalk
Fine motor skills involve the use of the smaller muscles of the hands, commonly in activities like tightening shoelaces, using pencils, working with scissors, and doing up buttons. For preschool children, building fine motor skills will help them perform well when they start their school life.
Fine motor skills include grasping, holding, cutting, pinching, turning, etc., which require sufficient muscle strength and hand stability.
This time, we are going to share a fine motor skills activity with you! Let’s find the giants, and help them to pick up the magic beans with hands and tools.
※ Material
  • KM1001 Weplay Plan Your Step
  • KM2016 Over The Mountain
  • KT0012 Weplay Balance Stepping Clouds
  • KF0013 Weplay Bean Pods
Tips: The Beans of Weplay Bean Pods come in different sizes, patterns, and resistances. Guide children to observe and compare the differences.