The Weplay toys received the world's first STEAM accreditation.
From 2022, The Toy Association Inc. and The Good Play Guide™ began their cooperation to offer independent third-party reports and the accreditation stamp for worldwide toy companies according to the criteria of TIA STEAM Toy Assessment Framework.
Wow! The World's First STEAM Accreditation
In August 2022, The Toy Association Inc. and The Good Play Guide™ launched the STEAM accreditation program. It offers an independent third-party evaluation for STEAM toys. Each accredited toy has to pass the strict criteria outlined by “STEAM Toy Assessment Framework” before receiving the assessment report and the accreditation stamp.
High-quality Accredited Products
Weplay products are designed with the core value of We play, We learn, connected with the concept of STEAM. Some Weplay products have passed the strict criteria launched by The Toy Association Inc. and The Good Play Guide™. They are mostly rated as ‘Excellent’ and ‘Good’ in the reports. Notably, Weplay Sand and Water Clam is included in The Toy Association’s “Back to School STEAM Toy Shopping List” in 2022.
Tested by Children & Scientifically Proven Evaluation
The toys are tested by children under professional observation at first. Later, the toys are evaluated with the scientifically proven method by The Good Play Guide™. The evaluation is approved by Dr. Amanda Gummer who has a Ph.D. in neuropsychology and is experienced in working with children and parents for over 20 years. As a result, it is a fair, objective, and trustworthy standard.
Weplay x STEAM Accreditation
As other Weplay products, these products which received STEAM accerditation are high-quality, interesting and attractive. In addition, the Weplay products provide cross-disciplinary gaming functions for children. As The Toy Association considers that these STEAM accredited products can not only help children actively and independently get involved in learning experiences but also have clear relevance and application to the real world. The Weplay products are equipped with the concept of STEAM Junior and receive the STEAM accreditation. This meets Weplay’s expectations that playing can cultivate children’s key capabilities at an early age.