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  • "Weplay Rocking Bowl" for being selected as "The 10 great balance toys".
Weplay Rocking Bowl

“Weplay Rocking Bowl” is recently nominated among “the 10 great balance toys” for children with special needs, by Friendship Circle of Michigan in the US. Being parents and kindergarten directives’ favorite educational aid, “Weplay Rocking Bowl” and its universal design concept can satisfy children with different abilities in various developmental stages.
The importance of balance
According to Friendship Circle, balance is one of the key elements to gross motor skills. It allows control of movements during stationary (static) as well as moving (dynamic) tasks, such as laying, sitting, crawling, walking or running. Balance needs to be learned through experimenting with body movements. By using specific play products and teaching aids can also significantly improve children’s vestibular balance. The developments mentioned above form the learning basis for children.

Multiple ways to play with fun
Ahren Hoffman recommends that kids can promote core and arm strength while using “Weplay Rocking Bowl” to balance. Parents don’t have to worry if kids tip over. The rocking bowl can be used upside down to climb, sit, stand or even hide under during active and pretend play fun. Its wave design can prevent kids from pinching their fingers and provide good air circulation when kids hide inside the bowl.
Brilliant design from Taiwan
Being the award-winning product, “Weplay Rocking Bowl” has been sold in over 80 countries. It has also been selected as one of the best new toys of 2012 on American Parenting Magazine. Available in crystal blue and grass green, kids and parents just love it and the fun it brings!

Weplay Rocking Bowl

About Friendship Circle
Friendship Circle is a non-profit organization founded in 1994, which provides programs and support to the families of individuals with special needs. Their blog is one of the biggest special needs platforms in the world for information sharing and exchanging, with more than 7000 members, 11,000 volunteers and 75,000 viewers per month.

Reference source: http://www.friendshipcircle.org/blog/2013/04/30/10-great-balance-toys-for-a-child-with-special-needs/

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