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  • 2012 / 05 / 07
  • Motor Development through Activities in Small Space

There is a certain development process for every child. Through crawling, walking, running and jumping, children begin to develop motor skills. Children will have good interaction with environments, life and learning only after their large and small muscles have fully developed.

With Poles, Bricks, Balance Beams, Bean Bags, and other components of Weplay Motor Skill Universal Set, you can structure a fun-play paradise. By changing directions or height, it comes up with totally different games. With diverse combinations, teachers have various games for kids to play. Children gradually well develop their motor skills while playing happy games.

Activity :
Put big hoops upright on the bricks to form caves. Lay small hoops on the ground as stepping areas. Have children crawl through big hoops without touching them and step through each small hoops.

Function :
* strengthen crawling ability, stimulate brain development
* strengthen hands - feet coordination.

Reminder :
Observes children’s behavior and reaction.

Activity :

Set up adventurous routes by using bricks, balance beams and hoops. Have children walk on these beams to reach the destination. Children who fall down the beams will lose the game.。

Function :
* Improve action planning skills
* Enhance brain, hands and eyes coordination.
* Strengthen the sense of balance.

Reminder :
Have children keep a safe distance to avoid bumping into each other.

Activity :

Use bricks and poles to build volleyball net. Divide children into two teams and have them stand in each side of the net. Children begin to throw bean bags to the other side over the net. The team that throw the most bean bags to the other side win the game.

Function :
* Enhance children’s hand-throwing ability.
* Improve the combination ability of movements such as bending, squatting down, and standing up.

Reminder :
* Watch out for children’s safety when playing.
* Stop the game when children are over-excited.

Activity :

Use bricks and poles to form a series of routes with obstacles. Children need to crawl, cross, jump, and in the end, throw bean bags into the goal. Children who throw the most bean bags into the goal win the game.

Function :
* Strengthen motor development.
* Enhance the development of large and small muscles
* Develop cooperation in teams.

Reminder :
* Pay attention to children’s reaction.
* Set up a playing time to prevent children from being over-exhausted.
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