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  • 2012 / 05 / 07
  • Role Play, Let Children's Imagination Fly.

Gina, a three-year-old girl, said to her Teddy Bear: “Be a good baby, Mommy is going to get some milk for you.” The doll is covered with a blanket and its head is on a pillow. It looks like it is sleeping there.

A four-year-old boy, Henry, and his two-year-old brother enjoy busy preparing dinner. There are some toy chicken legs, beans, and carrots on the plates. They are cooking a toy fish on stove. The table is set up…. The brother is asking his little brother to invite Daddy and Mommy to dinner.

Most people play housing in their childhood. Little girls might like to change dolls’ clothing, play with dolls, cook, or use mommy’s cosmetics; little boys would play with cars, robots, and so on. They love playing role-play again and again. Role playing helps to create children’s imagination. When children are playing different roles, they experience the role’s jobs and feeling. For example, when they are playing the role of Mommy, they will clean the table or mop the floors as a Mom would do. Thus, they will find that doing housework is not easy and might make the back sore. They will understand and thank for everything Mommy has done for them. If they are playing cooking games, they will know the names of fruit and vegetable, and understand team work and table manners.

In the past, children played housing with natural elements. For instance, they used leaves as plates; and used sand, stones, or flowers as the meals. They were still having so much fun. However, children don’t have enough outdoor space to play now, and also most of them are the only child in the family. They might only have few friends playing together. Role playing is a good game for children to satisfy their imagination and release their emotions. There are many kinds of Role-play toys in the market for parents to choose.

  While choosing Role-play toys, there are some tips for parents:  
  Try to choose the toys which are alike real things, such as fruit and vegetable. It is easy for children to associate toys with real things. It facilitates children’s recognition ability. But, make sure that children understand clearly that toys are not eatable.  
  Parents had better choose the safe-quality toys for their children, especially the toys with international safety marks are preferred. In addition, younger children should avoid the toys with tiny elements. They might swallow the small parts accidently.  
  Parents should wash these toys often. Young children like to eat things on their hands. Moreover, when they are playing role-play, children might pretend to eat or give others to eat. It is possible to use the toys to touch their mouth. Therefore, it is better to clean the toys often to make sure the toys are clean and children are healthy.  
  Girls might not only play doll things; boys might not only play guns. Sometimes, it is a good idea to change toy types. Gender equality is getting important now. Children may try different kinds of toy to vary their personality. It helps to build a great relationship with other children. Each toy has different features and functions, and brings different influences to children. Therefore, choosing toys for your kids is not necessary based on the gender.  
  Role-play game is one of popular games in childhood. Besides choosing fun, durable, and durable toys, many materials in our daily life can be good elements of Role-play games, for instance, toweling coverlets (as clocks, headscarves…), paper boxes (as castles or the doll’s house…), cake boxes (as drums, chairs…), candy paper, pudding container, and etc. Children’s imagination is unlimited. They can play a good show at any time.  
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