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  • 2014 / 10 / 09
  • How do I feel ? Weplay Tricky Tree

At about one year old or older, when children start walking, they like to explore and discover things around them. Their motor skills and fine motor skills begin to develop gradually. As a result, they are curious about all the concave items. If they find something similar to the ring toss, they will be excited at ringing and tossing it on all the possible objects. Further to exploring, this movement can also help children improve their hand-eye coordination.

Weplay Tricky Tree can perfectly meet children’s needs at this stage. With its special cactus design, children need to follow the twig direction to turn the discs each by each into the trunk. This action is not only for enhancing the wrist ability but also for developing children’s problem solving ability. Understanding emotions through facial expressions can be another fun activity for them.





  Applicable age: 1.5 years & up      
  Let’s drive! Just like driving a car, children hold the facial discs in their hands and turn the discs with walking direction. Children can pretend driving by holding the facial expression disc and turning it as the steering wheel while moving forward in different directions. Weplay Tricky Tree is not only for enhancing the wrist flexibility and the left/right directional concepts but also increasing intimacy between parents and children.  
Play value
★ Promote the concept of left/right
★ Enhance the flexibility of wrist


  Applicable age: 2 years & up  
  How to play:Children over 2 years old like to engage in activities that alter things’ status, such as rolling a small ball around. Don’t take it as a naughty behavior! They are actually getting to know the world from such kind of games. Adults and children can play this rolling disc game together to help children learn to control the direction of the rolling object and broaden their observations of things.  
Play value
★ Broaden children’s observations of things
★ Enhance children’s hand muscles control
  Applicable age: 2 years & up  
  How to play:Les’s play maze games! Children must rise to the challenge of this 3D maze game and find out the way to turn the discs into the trunk. From putting in and taking out the discs, children can not only enhance wrist motors but also broaden their observations.  
Play value
★ Improve hand-eye coordination
★ Train the wrist motors

    Play value
★ Enhance the ability of image cognition
★ Practice how to express emotions
  Applicable age: 3 years & up  
  Are you crying or smiling? Let children express their emotions by showing you the matched facial expression discs. From telling their happiest things or the things that they are mad at, children can get to know their own emotions and try to express how they feel.  

Applicable age: 4 years & up
  How to play:Can you find where my heart shape is? Four-year-olds become less egocentric and can begin to see different points of view and learn to understand how others might feel. Adults can rotate the disc and make kids point out the new position of each shape, which can not only change kid’s thinking pattern but also reinforce their spatial and directional concepts.  

Play value
★ Establish the spatial and
     directional concepts
★ Enhance the ability of
     understanding others
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