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  • 2014 / 10 / 07
  • Weplay Rock "N" Fish from concentrration to confidence
Children's confidence comes from self-esteem and problem-solving ability. There are many new things in life for the little kids to discover and learn about. Young children probably lack of life experience and don't know yet how to solve problems on their own. In this case, assistance from adults will then be needed for them. By acquiring more experiences and better discovering ability, children will learn to solve problems effectively and then increase confidences in themselves.
Rock "N" Fish is a set of educational game full of fun and challenges. During the fun process of fishing, children need to put the fishing hook at a suitable angle and adjust their body positions in order to complete the fishing task. The rod set designed for cooperation allows children to communication with their partner and to achieve the shared goals via cooperation. It requires intense concentration and patience during this activity. After completing the challenge, children can gain confidences and develop their interpersonal communication skills.

Applicable age:For 6 months & above
How to play:
Young children can push the crab, fish and starfish to rock. They can find out that the three different sea animals have varying curvy bases and swing speeds from each other.

Play value
★ Practice hand-eye coordination skills
★ Train manipulative skills

  Applicable age:For 2 years & above
  How to play:
  A Invite children to take the fishing rod and aim the hook at the baits to fish them up. Playing a competitive fishing game with peers or parents can bring more fun to the game. Young children can hold the bait or reduce the length of thread to succeed fishing in other ways.
  B Unique two-sided bait design can catch two sea animals at one time.

Play value
★ Enhance the stability of hand muscle control.
★ Improve hand-eye coordination and enhance patience and observation.

Applicable age:For 3 years & above
How to play:
The adult and the child can play the
fishing game together with the rod set
designed for cooperation. The child can try
to cope with the adult to accomplish the task at the
beginning and then they will learn to dominate the game by
themselves. This activity is also suitable for playing with peers based on cooperation.
Play value
★ Develop social communication skills through teamwork and competition
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